A Spoonful of Spice

Recipes for low-sugar living + treats for special occasions

Persimmon-Goat Cheese Wedges

Persimmons have a subtle, almost nutty, sweet flavor, and are abundant in the Fall season. I like the firm-ripe persimmons which are crisp and dry, and sturdy enough to make a good foundation for an appetizer. Add a little honey to the goat cheese, and this could also make make a light dessert. 

Finely chop the almonds, and add about half to the mixture of cinnamon and goat cheese. Set aside. Take the persimmon and trim off the top green leaves. Cut the persimmon in half and thinly slice. If you want to create other shapes, do not halve the persimmon, but slice the whole fruit; then use the slabs to create equally sized shapes of your choosing. 

Sandwich goat cheese in between two equally sized persimmon slices (you may want to use a piping bag for more control). There should be a thin layer of goat cheese visible. Roll the edges of the wedge in the leftover chopped almonds, and refrigerate until you are ready to serve. 

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