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Korean Rolled Omelettes

Omelettes come in all shapes and sizes, but I particularly like the look of rolled omelettes. The layers of egg alternating with a colorful filling make this an appetizer that guests can eat with their fingers and that looks beautiful. I chose to do a simple layer of spinach for the contrasting layer. It is a perfect option, because it's flexible enough to roll, it's a color that can be easily distinguished from the egg, and it's guaranteed to stay in place and not clump. 

My rolled omelette had 4 rolls, but next time I'd like to measure out the egg to do 6 rolls. The amount of egg depends on the number of guests being served and the size of the pan. The more rolls, or layers, it has, the more drama there will be when it is finally sliced. 

I would estimate 1 egg per roll is sufficient, and add an equal amount of water. After you've beat in the salt, spices, and water, heat a small amount of olive oil in the pan so it coats the entire surface. I used a pastry brush to coat the pan. Let the pan get nice and hot and then pour a thin layer of egg and rotate the pan so that the egg coats the entire surface of a pan--like you would with crepe batter. As soon as the egg is partially set, lay down your spinach leaves to sit flat on the surface of the egg, so that they will become part of the egg layer as it sets.  Once the egg layer is set and can be lifted from the pan, using a spatula and the back of a spoon for support, carefully roll up the egg layer as tight as you can to one side of the pan. 

Then, check that the pan is still oiled and pour in another thin layer of egg. The new egg will attach itself to the rolled egg, and once the new layer is set, roll the egg roll back the other way, creating your second layer of rolled egg. Repeat this process for 6 layers. 

Remove the rolled omelette from the pan, cut off the ends, and evenly slice the omelette into half-inch pieces, and serve.

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