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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Contestant

April means strawberries and rhubarb and pie to me. And what better reason to make pie than a pie contest. This is the first time I've entered any kind of food contest before, so I realize now that my dreams of actually winning were a bit ridiculous. But, hey, I believe my pie is awesome, and lovely, and delicious! Just look at that lattice top, put together around 2 a.m.--I'm kind of a night baker. The evening just seems like a good time to start baking. I would have slept and picked back up in the morning but the competition was early, so no luck. It seems so anticlimactic to not win, and not even get to see people eat your pie and be happy. Oh well, I guess. I'll just make it again sometime for my friends. 
Watch out chocolate bourbon pecan pie...next time sweet and tart will conquer your rich seductive flavors. 

Strawberry rhubarb filling was a modification from Cook's Illustrated. 
*Stay tuned...I'll try a few more versions and will post a recipe when I'm happy with it.