A Spoonful of Spice

Recipes for low-sugar living + treats for special occasions

Wk. 5: Lemon Rosemary Country Bread and Co.

In San Francisco we only have a few weekends when it's warm enough to lay around outside and picnic. These are the days I like to open up the backyard, set up food and blankets, and host afternoon brunch. Country bread seems easy now that I've dealt with the flax and sesame seed whole wheat dough. Lemons and rosemary are flourishing in my backyard, and are perfect ingredients to make bread that you can eat by itself, or with butter, or with cheese. The bread process was pretty straightforward: I started in the evening, let it rest overnight, and baked it in the morning. My spread also included sweet potato pie, fruit, cheese, almonds, bacon-Brussels
Sprouts--sweet potatoes quiche, and good friends!