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Activity: What Do Bears Eat?

Inspiration: Papert's positive reflection on playing with gears as a child, his developing understanding of gears, and use of this mental model as a sense-making tool in other contexts. Rotating gears against one another to see the effect, then mentally visualizing gear rotation and forming causal chains, understanding nonlinear systems, and using the model to contextualize abstract principles.  

Scratch Programming: Scratch is a fun construction tool that affords opportunities to create and play, as well as construct intellectual models. Secondly, it is hands on (gestural) that can bring abstract and sensory information together. 

Activity: Create a digital story or game, based on your experience, which communicates human influence on the environment.   

Learning goals

  • Demonstrate understanding of key elements in the structure of a story
  • Understand how personal actions/choices affect ecosystems
  • Contextualize the principle of evolutionary adaptation